FXG8 10/20/35KV high voltage lightning protection suspension insulator for overhead transmission lines

FXG8 series lightning protection suspension insulators are suitable for overhead lines, connecting overhead insulated wires or bare wires to the hardware of tension rods or corner rods, so as to tighten and insulate overhead wires, and play a role in lightning protection.

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This product is suspended on the transmission and distribution line, and the right end of the insulator is low potential. At this time, an air gap is formed between the high and low voltage electrodes at the left and right ends of the insulator, which is mainly used to provide lightning flashover channels and arc discharge channels. The voltage is lower than that of the insulator body, and it must act before flashover with the insulator body, so as to drain the lightning and protect the insulator and the wire. When the overhead insulated power transmission and distribution network is directly struck by lightning or induced by lightning, the air gap provided by the arc striker at the left and right ends of the insulator can act and discharge before the insulator flashover, providing a lightning flashover channel and establishing a lightning flashover channel. The power frequency arc or the arc root of the single-phase short-circuit current can only be fixed on the high and low voltage electrodes provided by the arc striker, and will not flow to the insulator body or wires, thus avoiding the burn of the insulator umbrella group, and even the The phenomenon of blown insulated wire occurs. This product complies with various technical standards of line insulators stipulated by international standards, and improves various performance indicators of insulators to block the discharge as much as possible. The insulator and the anti-arc hardware are combined into one, which can be hung and tightened on the transmission and distribution lines. It can be installed horizontally and tightened vertically relative to the pole, and it can also be vertically tightened and hung on the line support, which is very economical and practical. sex. The arc ignition rod of this product can provide multiple power frequency arc ablation, has reliable performance, and can effectively prevent the insulator from being damaged by lightning strikes and the occurrence of lightning strike disconnection of insulated conductors. Among them, the shape of the end fittings at both ends of the insulator mandrel can be continuously changed according to the needs of the connection of the transmission and distribution lines, so as to facilitate the connection of the insulator on the line.技术参数 形象6High strength and light weight. Composite insulators have a high strength-to-weight ratio, that is, high specific strength. Its high mechanical strength comes from the excellent mechanical properties of the FRP mandrel. The tensile strength of the FRP rod that is widely used at present can reach more than 1000MPA, and the density of the mandrel is only about 2G/CM3. FXG8 series lightning suspension insulators applicable to overhead lines,the overhead wire insulation or bare wires in the corner tension rodor rods on fittings, thereby tension overhead wires and insulation and play a role in mine.1.Insulator in the transportation and installation to should take put down gently, and should not be thrown, and to avoid all kinds of miscellaneous pieces of (wire, iron plate, tools, etc.) and sharp hard object collision and friction. 2. When the composite insulator is hoisted, the knot is tied on the end accessories, and it is strictly forbidden to hit the shed or sheath. The rope must touch the shed and the sheath, and the contact part should be wrapped with soft cloth. 3. Do not use the composite insulator as an auxiliary tool for placing (retracting) wires, so as not to damage the insulator due to impact force or bending moment. 4. It is strictly forbidden to step on the insulator umbrella skirt 5. When installing the pressure equalizing ring, pay attention to adjust the ring to make it perpendicular to the axis of the insulator. For the open pressure equalizing ring, pay attention to the same direction of the openings at both ends to facilitate the discharge and protect the umbrella skirt

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