WSY/NSY/JSY 26/35KV 35-500mm² 1-3 Cores Outdoor and Indoor High Voltage Heat Shrinkable Cable Terminations and Intermediate joint

Heat-shrinkable cable terminals are commonly known as heat-shrinkable cable heads, which are widely used in the terminals of cross-linked cables or oil-immersed cables with voltage levels of 35KV and below.

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Heat-shrinkable cable accessories are made into heat-shrinkable tubes, tapes and special-shaped products according to the memory performance of heat-shrinkable materials. The shrinkage rate can reach 50%~80%. With these special excellent properties, heat shrinkable cable accessories are widely used in chemical, petroleum pipeline sealing and anti-corrosion, household appliances, power cables, control cables, defense communication shielding connection joint protection and electrical components insulation, insulation sealing, etc. Heat shrinkable material, also known as shape memory polymer material, is an intelligent material that combines polymer material with radiation processing technology. It uses the principle of polymer "elastic memory", and rubber takes plastic as the basic material. , cross-linked, cooling and stereotyped functional polymer materials.35kv heat shrinkable cable accessories are used for end treatment and intermediate connection of medium voltage cables, which can be widely used in electric power, petroleum, wind power, chemical industry, metallurgy, railway, subway, port and construction and other fields. Installation fast, simple, impact resistant, friction resistance, shrinkage is fast, no crack;Has good electrical properties, mechanical properties and anti-fouling performance; Broad scope, can in a variety of harsh environment under the conditions of use for a long time.TSY    terminal NSY    indoor terminal WSY   Outdoor Terminal JSY     intermediate connector Heat shrinkable cable accessories series products apply to: Rated voltage: 450/750 v, 0.6/1 kv, nominal section: 4-1200² Rated voltage: 6/6 kv, 6/10 kv, nominal section: 16-1000² Rated voltage: 8.7/10 kv, 8.7/15 kv, nominal cross section: 25-1000² Rated voltage: 12/20 kv, 18/20 kv, nominal section: 25-800² Rated voltage: 21/35 kv, 26/35 kv, nominal section: 25-1200²结构 结构说明 附件

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